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Reading Summary 2019-05-09

ยท by Aldrin Montana

DeclStore: Layering is for the Faint of Heart

Relevant Readings

Problem Statement

The authors are trying to propose an approach or technique that will allow for programmable storage systems like malacology to be easier to implement for developers, but without sacrificing the space of possible tuning knobs and settings.

The ideas for the declarative language come from work on bloom and dedalus, meanwhile the ideas for programmable storage come from malacology and ways for re-using ceph.

Proposed Solution

The authors propose the use of a declarative language and the array of techniques that come with declarative languages that allow programs to be concise and systems to optimize the programs fairly well. The approach seems promising and better than other approaches for development, but there is no system to be evaluated.


This work is important because it bridges two areas of research that are rarely connected with each other: declarative programming languages and storage systems. Specifically, the use of declarative languages is part of what makes SQL so successful as a programming language and this success has translated to the database community/industry.

Comments and Questions