This is a repository for my research, paper reading summaries/reviews, and relevant blog-like posts in markdown.

Reading Queue


A list of papers, blog posts, etc. that I plan to read. I also track a reading list using notion, but I would like to eventually manage them here on my website.


The Structured Queue

Topic Type First Author Research Lab Reading Short Description
Architecture Dissertation Roy Fielding Taylor Lab Network-based Software Architectures The power of REST
Storage M.S. Thesis Reza Nasirigerdeh UCSC SRL (Dr. Maltzahn) Data Access Policies for Science ROOT filesystem for science
SMT-Aided Dissertation Niki Vazou UCSD ProgSys (Dr. Jhala) Liquid Haskell Liquid Haskell for theorem proving

The Unstructured Queue


Model Theory

Symbolic and solver-aided execution


Gene expression

Content and Annotation


Programming Languages