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This is a repository for my research, paper reading summaries/reviews, and relevant blog-like posts in markdown.

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About Me

I am currently a 4th year PhD student in computer science (CMPS) at UC Santa Cruz, advised by Peter Alvaro. My research interest is in the intersection of data management systems, storage systems, programming languages, and bioinformatics. I primarily work with Peter Alvaro, Carlos Maltzahn, and Jeff LeFevre; but, I also work with Josh Stuart and Philip Kufeldt (Seagate). Additionally, I am trying to contribute to the Apache Arrow and Human Cell Atlas communities.


SkySQL. Blog posts under the SkySQL topic discuss the use of the “Arrow compute engine” (project name is still TBD) in order to express queries to skytether. I am attempting to work towards specifying a query plan that can be expressed and executed by Arrow, but that can be optimized and arbitrarily split.

Topic Date Title
SkySQL 22-05-XX MSG Express and Skytether
SkySQL 22-05-XX SkySQL Defined


· Reading Log. Here is a list of my past readings and relevant thoughts. If I go back and re-read a paper, I’ll simply append to the entry for that reading so that changes in opinion can be referenced (for my own curiosity).

· Reading Queue. Here is a list of materials I plan on reading.