This is a repository for my research, paper reading summaries/reviews, and relevant blog-like posts in markdown.

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About Me

I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in computer science (CMPS) at UC Santa Cruz. My advisor is Peter Alvaro and I am primarily working with Peter Alvaro, Carlos Maltzahn, and Jeff LeFevre on declarative programmable storage, but I am also interested in bioinformatics, distributed systems, and data management systems.

Here, I am hoping to publish my thoughts and research, as well as keep track of readings. I mostly failed to write the content I wanted to last year, but will hopefully be able to commit more time this year.



I always thought theorycrafting was a fun word for a fun idea. This section indexes blog posts, or series of blog posts, for something research-y or project-based where I am ultimately “theorycrafting” (assuming life is a game and/or simulation). Some of the series below may also include short and sweet (or not sweet) side projects.

This will be the least complete of all the sections on this website as I have found it is hard for me to take various thoughts to completion in a blog format. I tend to keep these thoughts in notes or just in my head, though I am trying to improve on this.

Type Name
Blog Mixing Consistency over programmable storage
Blog Diversifying Consistency in Ceph
Series Series - Programmable Storage
Series Series - Perspectives on Bioinformatics
Series Series - LDFI for Life
Series Series - Domain-Specific Solver-Aided Languages
Series Sidecar working group - Envoyage


This section will include paper reviews, paper presentation materials, and anything else that seems relatively similar in spirit. I will try to eventually organize the reading sections below in a way that it can be easy to tell what I have read, what I thought about it, and maybe gather some fun statistics on my reading progress.

· Reading Queue

I think it would be nice to keep a public reading queue. Maybe others can make recommendations, or at least get a sense of what papers I think should be read for anyone in my field.

Readings by Research Group

Principal Investigators (PIs) Group
Peter Alvaro Disorderly Labs
Peter Alvaro and Carlos Maltzahn Declarative Programmable Storage

Readings by Course

Quarter Course
Fall 2018 CMPS 278 reviews
Fall 2018 CMPS 290S reviews
Winter 2019 CMPS 280L
Spring 2019 CMPS 229
Spring 2019 CMPS 232
Spring 2019 CMPS 280O
Fall 2019 CSE 220

Readings by Date

To see reviews by date, simply go to this index: reviews by date. This will be updated periodically, when I need to procrastinate important work or when I feel like it should be updated.