This is a repository for my research, paper reading summaries/reviews, and relevant blog-like posts in markdown.

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About Me

I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in computer science (CMPS) at UC Santa Cruz, advised by Peter Alvaro. My research interest is in the intersection of data management systems, storage systems, programming languages, and bioinformatics. I primarily work with Peter Alvaro, Carlos Maltzahn, and Jeff LeFevre; but, I also work with Josh Stuart and Philip Kufeldt (Seagate). Additionally, I am trying to contribute to the Apache Arrow and Human Cell Atlas communities.


This website will include research-related content in the form of blog posts. I am hoping to include paper reviews, paper presentation materials, and any strong opinions that I think have general value.

The table below lists my most recent blog posts. I will try to regularly add posts, but I have historically been very bad at this.

Topic Date Title
personal 21-03-22 Spring Break 2021

· Reading Queue

I think it would be nice to keep a public reading queue. I welcome recommendations, and hope that this serves at least two purposes: what papers are important to a particular field and a marker of particularly interesting papers.